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    osprey Farpoint 70 Travel Pack

    If you need a backpack for travelling - this is it.

    The large pack is spacious, comfortable to wear for long periods and fully unzips like a suitcase so no need to go searching through it from the top. One of the best features is that the straps all zip away too, so it turns into a large holdall like bag for when you need to check it in for a flight. 

    The small 13L daypack is just as well designed. To start it actually attaches directly to the back of the large pack or clips into the straps on the front to make carrying both a breeze. It features a 15" laptop sleeve and has an internal zip pocket, as well as a small external pocket with RFID blocking to keep your valuables safe. 

    I manage to fit the entirety of my Travel Camera Kit and Editing Kit in this small day pack.

    If you are a shorter female then look out for the 'Farview 70' which is the exact same model but made for female proportions. Cath has this and it fits her much better.

    Several of our friends also own these packs, have been all around the world with them like us, and all agree it really is THE backpack for backpacking.

  • Osprey-Rain-Cover.jpg

    Osprey Ultralight Rain cover (50-75L)

    This is a simple raincover that fits over my Osprey Farpoint 70 Backpack. It packs down into itself to become a tiny apple-sized bag I hang from my backpack when not in use.

  • Universal-Travel-Adapter.jpg

    Universal Worldwide Travel adapter

    As a frequent traveller this adapter is a must, and has become an important part of my whole setup. 

    Through its innovative slider system it fits in most countries' electrical outlets. 

    All my electronics and chargers are USB meaning they can all be charged from this adapter simultaneously through its 4 USB outputs.

    The USB-C port is good for quick charging my USB-C PD Power bank too.

    For safety it has an integrated 8A fuse (with spare fuse held within the device in case you need it whilst on the move).

    Find out more about this travel adapter and how I use it in my video about my 100% USB Travel setup.

  • RAVPower-Bank.jpg

    USB-C PD 26800mAh Power Bank

    It took me a lot of research to find this power bank, and that's because it has a USB-C Power Delivery port. This means, along with my phone, camera and other electronics, this can power my MacBook Pro!

    It has a huge 26800mAH capacity, is airline compliant for hand luggage, and has two USB-A ports alongside the USB-C output. 

    To find out more about this power bank and how I use it, watch my video about creating a 100% USB powered travel setup.

  • USB-Extension-Wire.jpg

    2M USB Extension Cable

    With a 100% USB powered setup it is always useful to carry a USB extension cable - whether for your phone, camera, lighting or other device.

    It saves a lot of hassle in accommodation with awkward power outlets, and takes up far less room and weight than a conventional AC extension lead.

  • Padlocks.jpg

    2X TSA Luggage Padlocks

    We have padlocks for both our large rucksacks and small daypacks to keep everything secure.

    I have always preferred combination locks over others so you don't have to worry about losing a key.

    These ones are TSA compliant.

  • Dock-and-Bay.jpg

    Dock & Bay Travel Towels & Swim Shorts

    Dock & Bay make some of the best quality and most environmentally friendly travel towels out there.

    They are a form of microfibre, meaning they dry almost instantly and fold down super small into their own bag - but are also claimed to be 'sand-free' so you can just flick the sand off on the beach.

    Cath also owns one of their hair towels which uses the same innovative design to wrap up your hair, and I have some of their funky 100% recycled swim shorts made from 6 plastic bottles!

    All their products are shipped in biodegradable/recyclable packaging and the products themselves are eco friendly too. I own one of their eco towels made from 30% recycled material, but they have just recently released a new charity line made from 100%!

  • Travel-Fan.jpg

    Handheld USB Fan

    Having a USB fan is actually so good in hot weather and climates. This model is surprisingly powerful even on the lowest setting.

    Make sure to buy the slightly more expensive high capacity version (4000mAH) which can last up to 23 hours on the lowest setting, so you can have a cool breeze all day or all night!

  • EVEN-Naturals-Mosquito-Net.jpg

    EVEN Naturals Double Mosquito Net

    Having an effective Mosquito net is a must when visiting certain countries.

    This one doesn't use any chemicals or DEET so it is better for you and your skin, is machine washable and lasts much longer. Instead it uses a very fine mesh of 380 holes per square inch - which is well above the recommended amount and stops even the tiniest mosquitoes.

    We own the extra large version to cover double beds, which has two openings for easy access, as well as multiple hanging points so it can be used in a variety of situations.

    The brand is family owned and also donates to charity with every purchase!

  • Overboard-Waist-Pack.jpg

    OverBoard Pro-Light 100% Waterproof Waist Pack

    Having some kind of waterproof bag is really useful if you decide to do any kind of water-based activity - from kayaking and snorkelling, to simple island hopping.

    I've owned several OverBoard bags and always found theme to be well built and reliable. This is the larger 4L version of their waist packs or 'bumbags' which I can use to safely stow camera/phones and anything else I need to keep dry. I particularly like the addition of a water bottle holder.

    This waist pack is made from lightweight TPU which is more environmentally friendly that PVC or other similar waterproof materials. 

  • Suvrivor-Filter-Pro.jpg


    After a lot of research this seemed to be the most effective water filtration system out there. 

    Not only does the Survivor Filter Pro remove virus, staph and bacteria but it also drastically reduces the presence of heavy metals (which most portable filters fail to touch). This means we can have clean, safe water almost anywhere in the world, and stops the need for repeatedly buying plastic water bottles in countries where the tap water isn't safe to drink.

    Because it is a physical pump there is no need to worry about replacing batteries or keeping stocked up with sterilisation tablets as you would with most other forms of water sterilisation. 

    The replaceable filters also have an incredibly long lifespan - with the pre-filter and internal filter capable of filtering 100,000 litres and the carbon filter 2,000! This means we can take it away for months on end and don't need to worry about replacing filters.

    Maybe this filter system is a bit overkill for normal travel, but I love the fact that I have a reliable, long-lasting and low-maintenance filter that fits in a small package.

  • Scrubba.jpg

    Scrubba Portable Wash bag

    Scrubba is a great little wash bag which enables you to effectively wash a load of laundry without the need for a machine or messing around with a hotel sink.

    You simply add your clothes, some water and laundry detergent, and 'scrub' the bag for a couple of minutes. The internal washboard makes sure to scrub all your dirty clothes without getting you or everything else wet.

    When not in use the Scrubba is also a great dry bag to hold any damp clothes whilst on the move.

  • PacSafe.jpg

    Pacsafe Anti-Theft Bag Protector 85L

    Again, this is a product you will only really need if you are planning on carrying expensive gear on you like I am.

    The Pacsafe Anti-Theft Bag Protector is basically a metal mesh that you wrap around your bag, loop around a fixed object in your accommodation and then padlock closed. 

    Obviously it won't stop the most determined thief's but should stop opportunists from stealing your bag or any of its content's.

    Particularly good for hostels when you don't have your own private space to keep belongings safe.

  • Travel-Beard-Trimmer.jpg

    Remington USB Travel Beard Trimmer

    Maybe a bit of a luxury whilst backpacking, but this tiny beard trimmer punches above its weight.

    It doesn't require a bulking power cord, and comes in it's own case making it great for travel. It also has a travel lock to reserve charge in the battery over a long time and LED indicator to see how much charge there is.

    The adjustable comb goes from 1-15mm.

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