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    Sony RX100 Vii

    This is pretty much the best all-rounder compact camera on the market right now (2019). 

    It is very expensive but the focus system is unrivalled, the picture quality punches well above its weight for a camera of this size and it has some fantastic features for online video shooters such as super slow-mo and a flippy screen. The addition of the mic input in this model made it the perfect all-in-one as a travel camera.

    I love my big DSLR so I thought long and hard about buying this tiny Sony RX100 Vii for travel; however as soon as I got it in my hands I new I had made the right decision. Not only is it's size and weight an obvious advantage whilst on the road, but it's incredible focus system means I spend less time worrying about setting up a shot and more time enjoying my travels.

    Make sure to check out all the accessories I have for it to make the perfect rig.

  • SmallRig-RX100.jpg

    SMALLRIG Cage for Sony RX100 Vii

    This is an updated camera cage for the Sony RX100 line just released at the end of 2019. 

    They've improved on an already great rig by adding two integrated cold shoe mounts for mics/lights, which means you don't need any further parts to have a full setup. 

    The camera sits perfectly within the cage holding securely, and the addition of the wooden grip not only looks nice - but also gives you a much better hold for those of us that are use to large DSLRs.

  • LensMate-Filter-Adapter.jpg

    LensMate Filter Adapter Kit

    Possibly one of the only downfalls of the Sony RX100 Vii is the lack of any integrated ND filter or a filter thread on the lens to add your own.

    This adapter kit solves the issue with an adhesive quick-release filter thread that sticks to the front of the RX100 lens. 

    The reason I chose this adapter over magnetic ones is because it uses a far more secure bayonet style receiver to quickly attach filters. Once you have stuck the receiver to the lens you can barely notice it and it holds securely.

    The only downfall is that this brand is American, meaning you will have to ship it to the UK which is fairly expensive once you add on import duty; however it is a must if you want to do any shooting with an ND filter in sunny conditions.

  • Gobe-Variable-ND-Filter.jpg

    Gobe 52mm Variable ND Filter

    If you want to shoot any video in bright conditions then you will need a ND filter to enable slower, more cinematic shutter speeds. A variable ND gives you more versatility of how much light to allow in so you don't have to keep changing the filter.


    I love Gobe - they make affordable and quality filters and also have strong environmental standards.

    This is their '2 peak' variable ND, meaning it sits in the middle of their range from amateur to pro - and is perfectly adequate quality for my compact Sony RX100.

    The fact all the packaging is recyclable and every purchase plants 5 trees is amazing and really fits with my sustainable lifestyle!

  • Crack-light.jpg

    Blindspot Gear's 'Crack Light'

    A thin LED panel that weighs just 19grams and is waterproof, but kicks out a lot of light. It is perfect for travel as it really does just slip in anywhere.

    It does this by not have any battery - you just need to plug it into any USB source. Seeing as I'm always carrying either a portable battery pack, or USB wall adapter this works perfectly for me - providing much needed light for basically no added baggage weight. 

  • Rode-Video-Micro.jpg

    Rode Video Micro

    Tiny, low-cost shotgun mic with brilliant sound.

    It's small size and weight, and the fact it doesn't require batteries make it perfect for travel.

    I usually use this for capturing ambient sound whilst recording, but have also found it to be surprisingly good at capturing dialogue when filming 'vlog' style at arms length.

  • Power-Extra-Charger.jpg

    Power Extra USB Sony Battery Charger

    This usb charger removes the need for a bulky AC mains cord to charge your batteries making it good for travel.

    It also comes with two large capacity spare batteries, which is particularly important for the Sony RX100 as the battery life isn't the best.

  • Lapel Mic.jpg

    Aputure A.lav ez Lavalier Microphone

    Fantastic little lapel mic for recording to-camera pieces. Comes with a nice case (a must after the amount I have broken) and two different wind shields depending on where you are recording. This version plugs into a phone and enables you to record audio straight to that. The RØDE SC3 adaptor I have included separately on the kit allows you to plug this mic straight into an audio recorder or camera like my Zoom H1.

  • Lapel Adaptor.jpg

    RØDE SC3 iPhone Accessory

    Simple adaptor which allows my lapel mic to work with my audio recorder and camera.

  • GorillaPod 3K.jpg

    Joby GorillaPod 3K Kit

    Most versatile and light tripod you can buy! This is perfect for travel as you can stick your camera everywhere.
    This is the 3K version (it can hold 3kg) which means it can securely hold my large DSLR camera fully loaded up with the heaviest lens and all the extra accessories.

  • Peak-Design-Pouch.jpg

    Peak Design Range Pouch (Small)

    Peak Design are one of my favourite brands: their products are incredibly well designed, they look great, and they are strong on the environment.

    Their 'Range Pouch' range is predominantly designed to hold lenses, however I found the smallest size perfectly fits the Sony RX100 Vii in the SMALL RIG camera cage. 

    It adds that soft protection for the camera - whether I'm chucking it in a rucksack or hanging it by my side. I also love the fact that it uses Peak Design's anchor links on the rear so I can use my camera straps with both this bag and the camera itself.

  • SD Card 64GB.jpg

    Sandisk Extreme PRO SD Cards

    All important SD cards, with fast enough speed to capture 4k video. SanDisk have never failed me and are reasonably priced.

    I have a variety of sizes which enable me to separate different bits of video and photos onto different cards. Here's a link to the 64GB version.

  • SD Card Case.jpg

    Hard-Shell Card Case

    Simple generic waterproof SD Card case to keep all those cards safe! No point in paying for a branded version when this does the job.

  • Sony-Voice-Recorder.jpg

    Sony ICD-UX560 Stereo Voice Recorder

    This tiny little recorder is perfect for travelling. 

    It comes with an internal rechargeable battery so no need for AAs - and built in USB for easy charging and transfer. This also enables a quick charge feature which give you 1 hour of battery life from just a 3 minute charge. 

    Other features include an internal memory of 4GB (expandable through micro-SD) and a really simple menu and filing system.

    The built in mic isn't amazing but it works perfectly with a lapel mic plugged in!

  • Peak-Dsign-Cuff.jpg

    Peak Design Cuff Camera Wrist Strap

    I absolutely love this wrist strap!

    It's super strong, feels great on your wrist, and incorporates Peak Design's brilliant quick release anchors - enabling me to swap to my neck strap or no strap instantly!

  • Peak-Design-Leash-Strap.jpg

    Peak Design 'Leash' Camera Strap

    As I've mentioned under their other products Peak Design is one of my favourite brands and this simple camera strap is no different.

    Well made, looks great and is perfect whether attached to my Peak Design Range Pouch or the Sony RX100 Vii. 

    Its thin slick design means it can be folded up very small to fit in my pocket or rucksack whilst travelling.

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