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    Apple Macbook pro 13"

    I have a custom built 2018 MacBook Pro 13" with maxed out specs. This provides me with enough power for editing and animation, packed in tiny size for travel. 

    To find out lots more watch my full video about the 13" MacBook Pro on YouTube.

    My MacBook Pro unfortunately hasn't been without it's troubles. Watch my 5 month update video here about keyboard issues that required a full repair.

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    4TB Lacie Rugged USB-C

    The 4TB version of this drive is what I use to store pretty much all my content: All my photos, my Lightroom catalogue, all my footage, FCPX Libraries as well as all my stock, sound effects and library music.
    The rugged design is great for travel and it is one of the fastest external hard drives I have used without paying far more for an SSD. I edit 4K footage off this with no lag, and love the fact that its huge size enables me to store everything on it without having multiple drives.

    Watch my YouTube video about MacBook Pro accessories to find out more about the LaCie 4TB Rugged Drive.

  • lacie-rugged.jpg

    5TB Lacie Rugged USB-C

    The 5TB version of this drive I use purely for back up. Its space allows me to backup both my 4TB LaCie drive and the 1TB internal SSD of my MacBook Pro together. I simply have to plug both drives in, and time machine makes sure everything I own digitally has a physical backup.

    Watch my YouTube video about MacBook Pro accessories to find out more about the LaCie 5TB Rugged Drive.

  • Nonda-Adapter.jpg

    Nonda USB-C Mini Adapter

    Fantastic tiny USB adaptor for USB-C to USB 3.0.
    About half the price of Apple's own adaptor and much smaller and more stylish.

    It comes in the same three aluminium colours as the MacBooks.

    Watch my YouTube video about MacBook Pro accessories to find out more about the Nonda USB-C Adaptor.

  • Cable-Matters-Reader.jpg

    Cable Matters Dual Slot USB-C Card Reader

    Fast, light and great value card reader that securely slots into MacBook Pro's USB-C ports.

    The best feature is that you can access both cards at the same time, meaning you can transfer data off them simultaneously. This is a massive time saver when you finish shooting.

    Watch my YouTube video about MacBook Pro accessories to find out more about the Cable Matters USB-C Card Reader.

  • SoundMagic-E10C.jpg

    SoundMAGIC E10C In Ear Isolating Earphones

    Both Cath and I have used SoundMAGIC's earphones for years because of their build and sound quality at a reasonable price. 

    The frequencies are fairly well balanced, not too bass heavy like most earphones - making them great for editing on the road as well as just listening to music.

    They come in a small hardshell case for protection, with an adaptor and various sized silicone eartips to make sure you find the perfect fit. The version linked below also has a built-in mic for making calls.

    I rate them as some of the best earphones you can buy for under £50.

    Watch my YouTube video about MacBook Pro accessories to find out more about the SoundMAGIC E10C Earphones.

  • Beyerdynamic-DT770-Pro.jpg

    BeyerDynamic DT770 PRO Studio Headphones

    These are the incredible headphones I use at home, and in the studio at work. In fact you can find them in most professional environments, including the BBC, because of their isolating pads and fantastic sound quality. This makes them a great deal at around £100.

    As you would expect the sound is perfect for editing video and music, but these are also the comfiest headphones I have ever worn. I will sometimes be wearing these for 8 hours a day all week and never get a sore head or ears.

    The parts are also replaceable if something breaks so they should last you a long time.

    Linked below is the 250 OHM (Studio) version which are built for professional monitoring and mixing, and therefore require a higher power source. For use with mobile devices like phones, tablets and laptops you may be better off choosing the 80 OHM (Studio) version, which offers the same great sound but with a lower power input.

    Watch my YouTube video about MacBook Pro accessories to find out more about the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro Studio Headphones.

  • Thule-Gauntlet.jpg

    Thule Gauntlet 3.0 Sleeve for 13" MacBook Pro

    Slim profile MacBook sleeve but with great protection in case you drop your Mac. Hard shell but soft interior, with reinforced corners and chunky zips.

    A bit pricey, but worth it for the added protection when you are on the move.

    Watch my YouTube video about MacBook Pro accessories to find out more about the Thule Gauntlet 3.0 Sleeve.

  • Hardshell-case-Macbook.jpg

    Smooth Hardshell Case for 13" MacBook Pro

    Simple shell case to keep my MacBook Pro protected against day-to-day use and scratches, with air vents to keep cool.
    I got the grey version and it actually looks really nice in person - maybe even as nice as the MacBook on it's own.  
    It is also a fraction of the price of the same cases found in the Apple Store, and built much better in my opinion.

    Watch my YouTube video about MacBook Pro accessories to find out more about this Hard shell case.

  • Keyboard-Cover.jpg

    Macbook pro Keyboard Cover

    After trouble with my Macbook Pro keyboard, and because I'm and constantly taking it into different environments I bought this cheap but very practical keyboard cover. 

    It keeps all the dust and any splashes from getting to my keys or what is underneath, and since having it I have had no problems with my keyboard!

  • RAVPower-Bank.jpg

    USB-C PD 26800mAh Power Bank

    It took me a lot of research to find this power bank, and that's because it has a USB-C Power Delivery port. This means, along with my phone, camera and other electronics, this can power my MacBook Pro!

    It has a huge 26800mAH capacity, is airline compliant for hand luggage, and has two USB-A ports alongside the USB-C output. 

    To find out more about this power bank and how I use it, watch my video about creating a 100% USB powered travel setup.

  • Electronics-Case.jpg

    Electronics Case

    This case from Amazon holds all of my travel camera and editing accessories, charges and wires, allowing me to keep it all organised in one small package that I can pull out when I need something.

  • Epidemic Sound.jpg

    Epidemic Sound Music Library

    I have to say, Epidemic Sound is easily one of the best music and sound effects licensing libraries I've ever used.

    The quality of music and filter system is brilliant for finding the perfect track for your video - and each track comes with stems so you can choose to only use individual instruments and lyrics or a combination.

    On top of this it seamlessly works with YouTube and other social media sites - so if you link your channel to your Epidemic Sound subscription none of your videos will get a copyright strike when using their music; meaning you are free to earn ad revenue.

    It also has some of the best pricing out there - starting at a flat rate of £8/month.

    Use the link below to try out Epidemic Sound for free for a month...

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