Through my use of certain products/services and sometimes partnerships with those brands I am able to offer discounts and deals to help you save money. Here are a collection of all those I currently have available, across a wide variety of areas. These are constantly changing, so make sure to follow me on social media to hear about the latest!

Please note I only promote and work with products and brands I believe in, use myself or share my values.

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    Airbnb Discount

    I love using AirBnB for my trips to get a more authentic feel for a destination, and stay in unique accommodation with self-catering.


    Sign up using the below button and get up to £34 off your first trip.

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    Curve All-in-One Card £5 Credit

    Curve is an innovative card which digitally stores all your cards onto one debit card. You simply select the bank or credit card account you wish to use in the app and it will apply your next transactions to that account.

    It also has no fees to use abroad and its own points system to earn you rewards.


    Watch my full video explaining and reviewing the Curve Card on YouTube.


    Use the unique link and Promo code below to get £5 credit when you signup for a new card.

    £5 Promo Code:


  • Starling-Card.jpg

    Starling Bank

    Starling is one of my favourite financial products for both travel and at home.

    Not only is their app-based bank innovative, simply and packed full of great features, but it also charges zero foreign transaction fees for use overseas (even withdrawing cash!) - making it the perfect option for travel if you want to setup a full-featured new bank account.

    Sign up using the link below, and Starling will plant a tree for free!  

  • Currensea-Card.jpg

    Currensea TRAVEL CARD

    The Currensea card links to your own bank account, but without the expensive overseas fees. It can also use those savings to automatically plant trees, offsetting the environmental impact of your travel.

    This means you don't need to setup a whole new bank account or move money around, just use the Currensea card abroad instead of your high street bank to save money and look after the planet.


    Watch my full video explaining and reviewing the Currensea Card on YouTube.


    Use the unique link and Promo code below to plant 6 trees for free.

    6 Trees Promo Code:


  • Epidemic Sound.jpg

    Epidemic Sound Music Library

    I have to say, Epidemic Sound is easily one of the best music and sound effects licensing libraries I've ever used.

    The quality of music and filter system is brilliant for finding the perfect track for your video - and each track comes with stems so you can choose to only use individual instruments and lyrics or a combination.

    On top of this it seamlessly works with YouTube and other social media sites - so if you link your channel to your Epidemic Sound subscription none of your videos will get a copyright strike when using their music; meaning you are free to earn ad revenue.

    It also has some of the best pricing out there - starting at a flat rate of £8/month.

    Use the link below to try out Epidemic Sound for free for a month...

  • FreePrints.jpg

    5 free bonus photo prints

    FreePrints is a great app to print out all of those photos of your travels whilst you go!

    Each month you get 45 6x4 free prints and you just have to pay a small postage fee! There is no subscription and at any time you can upgrade any of your prints to different sizes and paper.

    Cath and I use FreePrints to scrapbook all of our travels!

    Use the unique link or Promo code below to get 5 bonus prints every month for 6 months:


  • BAM-Clothing.jpg

    BAM clothing 15% Discount

    BAM is one of the leading fashion brands of super-soft, sustainable clothing made from Bamboo - an incredible crop that is both good for the environment and technically superior as a fabric.

    They have a huge range from performance to casual wear, all of it incredibly light and soft, making bamboo one of my favourite fabrics to wear.

    Use the referral link below to receive a 15% discount on your first order!

  • Who-Gives-A-Crap.jpg

    £5 off 'Who Gives a Crap' Recycled Toilet Paper

    Who Gives A Crap are a fantastic company selling affordable, ethical and eco-friendly toilet paper!

    Their soft 3-ply rolls are made from 100% recycled paper (including paper packaging - no plastic!). The huge 48 double-length roll box of these is delivered straight to your door, and cost less than branded rolls at 13.5p per 100 sheets.

    Even more impressive is that they give 50% of their profits to help build toilets for those in need around the globe.

    They also sell more luxurious bamboo toilet roll as well as recycled tissues and kitchen roll!

    Watch my full video review about Who Gives a Crap where I explain everything about the company and compare its price to other brands.

    Use my exclusive link below to get a £5 voucher!

Please note many of these links will also earn me some form of reward if you decide to use them, which helps me to provide my content. This does not influence my opinion of these brands; as stated, I only promote and work with products and brands I believe in, use myself or share my values.

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